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Main Benefits of SiteWise

Sitewise is a health and safety pre-qualification system for the construction industry that assesses your health and safety systems and grades your health and safety capabilities.

This grade can then be accessed and viewed from the SiteWise database which provides transparency for Main Contractors when they are looking at who they wish to engage with on their build projects.

It’s a highly effective system for all parties and simplifies the tender process.

We’ve assisted many businesses improve their grade and achieve a Sitewise green score as part of their health and safety management KPIs and objectives. This is good for business and the care of your team too.

We know health and safety doesn’t happen from behind a desk and that’s why having specialists who go on site and help support health and safety requirement achieves the results you need.

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Why is having a SiteWise or similar prequalification grade so important?

Having SiteWise accreditation sends a very clear message - that you take health and safety seriously.

There’s no excuse not to have a robust health and safety system and if you start with the end in mind you will appreciate very quickly the why.

Here’s a scenario for you to consider - Just imagine one of your workers standing on a plank and bundle of trusses near to where he was standing comes loose, causing him to fall two metres landing on his head. He’s now paralysed from the chest down and your business has been ordered to pay reparation of close to $160,000.00

This is a true story and one that like all serious harm injuries could have been avoided with robust and stringent health and safety systems and procedures to follow.

Businesses these days stay away from cowboys who don’t take health and safety seriously.


Because it’s not a good look for them either if something goes wrong and it will be their reputation at stake - not just yours.

Worst of all; is that poor health and safety systems can result in terrible and life changing injuries.

Need some help with SiteWise? GET IN TOUCH.

Why SiteWise can you help you recruit (and retain) the best talent

Employing good people is the aim of all business owners.

Good people can be hard to come by if your business has a reputation for not doing things right and not doing things safely.

When you want to attract good talent the good ones want to work with leaders and owners who take their health and wellbeing seriously.

Whether you’re a newbie subbie starting up or you’ve been in business for a while; SiteWise is designed to help you manage your health and safety with the correct knowledge and insights around what you have to do by law.

That’s the key here - the old “she’ll be right” attitude just doesn’t cut it with compliance.

Research by Seek; one of NZ’s largest recruitment sites shows that people leave their jobs due to

  • Work conditions/their environment 53%

  • Organisational changes/restructure 39%

  • Management/leadership in business 31%

If your work conditions/environment; which includes compliance, is unsafe and unhealthy you won’t hold onto your top talent for long as they’ll move on.

Where to start?

We’ve talked and assisted hundreds of construction businesses and business owners gain SiteWise accreditation and the first thing we always notice is how overwhelming health and safety management can seem.

It’s difficult to know where to start but with a plan and guidelines in place; goals and objectives are achieved and confusion is replaced with clarity and a way forward.

Toolbox talks are engaging, your team will share hazard information with you knowing you know what to do with it, they won’t hold back any near misses that then escalate quickly to serious harm incidents and together you’ll be on top of your compliance.

In our next blog we’re going to talk about how good health and safety has a positive impact on your bottom line and what you need to know about reparations, fines and the real cost of long-term injury.


When you need to sort out the where to from here our team at Nailed It Safety Solutions can help. We work with construction businesses all over NZ who need help with their health and safety management; in fact we’ve helped more than 100 small business achieve SiteWise accreditation to position themselves for more work. Fill out the form below.


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Thinking of writing your own Health & Safety Plans?

We also offer DIY kits that you can purchase right now. They come with all the info you need to write your plans yourself.

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