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Trent Builders residential development - a health and safety client of Nailed It Safety Solutions, NZ
White triangle image from New Zealand health and safety consultants Nailed It Safety Solutions

Outsourcing Health & Safety for this builder meant no-fuss affordability.

As a qualified builder and busy business owner, Richard at Trent Builders knew that time spent on Health & Safety was time better spent on the tools and running jobs.

Award-winning residential builders with 10 staff in Auckland and Christchurch, Trent Builders knew they needed compliance, but wanted an affordable, no-fuss solution that got results so they got in touch with Nailed It. 

Trent Builders logo - a construction site audit client of Nailed It Safety Solutions, NZ
What We Did

Nailed It Safety Solutions provided a fixed price Health and Safety package and auditing service that allowed Trent Builders more time to grow his business and build beautiful homes.

The End Result

A weight was lifted from Richard Trent’s shoulders immediately and his Health
and Safety practices and results improved dramatically.


His on-site safety audits improved from below 60% to consistently high 90 percentages.

Is your time better spent on tools & running your business?

Our Health & Safety plans offer an affordable no-fuss solution. Let us do all the hard work for you so you can get back to what you do best. 

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