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Is Getting SiteWise Accreditation Worth it for our Business?

The short answer is yes.

There’s a couple of perspectives why SiteWise Accreditation is worth if for your business;

First of all; having quality health and safety management systems in place will pay you back in less incidents and accidents and protect you from those terrible serious harm accidents you hear about but shudder at the thought of.

The second is; it helps you win new business because you can wear your SiteWise accreditation like a badge of honour.

Whether you gain a SiteWise Green accreditation or a SiteWise Gold accreditation you’re awarded with a certificate which you can display in your business as well as an Accredited Logo that you can use across your email signatures, tenders and all other communications like e-newsletters.

You’ve gained it so now you can show it off to as many key players as you can.

NEED HELP with a quality Health and Safety system?

Prosecutions of these serious harm accidents do take place under the Health and Safety Act and here is one example of how costly these prosecutions can be;

An earth moving company was fined $150,000 and ordered to pay $30,000 reparation after a house demolition they were working on caused a wall to collapse into a neighbouring property causing a gas leak which meant neighbours had to be evacuated and one neighbour was trapped by wall debris in their wheelchair.

There was no demolition plan, other project parties weren’t consulted and the risk assessment was deemed inadequate. To make matters worse the team weren’t trained in how to conduct a safe and successful demolition. Not only did the company get fined; they were also enforced to deliver a training seminar and engage a health and safety practitioner to train staff.

That’s why we believe it is always the right thing to do for your business to gain a SiteWise accreditation because the focus on you achieving a successful outcome is around quality health and safety systems.

NEED HELP with a quality Health and Safety system?

Within that quality health and safety systems threshold and framework sits things like risk assessments, hazard management, safe operating procedures, inductions, training, health and safety meetings and toolbox talks etc so you know what you should be doing on every single project with every single subbie, employee and other stakeholders.

It’s not just the cost to your business when things go wrong; it’s the cost to someone else’s life or their quality of life when things go wrong.

Whether you’ve got young apprentices or labourers who have just come on the tools or on site; or guys you’ve worked with for years who might be getting a bit complacent, there’s no excuse for poor health and safety management systems.


SiteWise accreditation helps you all become better health and safety players and when you don’t know where to start Nailed It Safety Solutions offers professional and accurate advice and support. In fact we’ve helped hundreds of business all over New Zealand achieve SiteWise accreditation to position themselves for more work.


Can we help with this?

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Thinking of writing your own Health & Safety Plans?

We also offer DIY kits that you can purchase right now. They come with all the info you need to write your plans yourself.

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