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Asbestos Lady - The Human Torch's (And Any Tradies) Worst Nightmare

At Nailed It Safety, we take Asbestos very seriously. Which is why we found it hilarious to find out that Marvel comics had a supervillain named.. wait for it… Asbestos Lady!

This lady was the nemesis of the human torch – which makes sense considering Asbestos’ considerable flame-resistant properties. Unfortunately, for the very same reason, Asbestos was commonly used in many buildings throughout Christchurch. It’s heat-resistant properties made it a popular choice for builders.

Asbestos was used for it’s heat resistant properties in

  • Fireplaces, log burners etc

  • Chimneys

  • Electrical switchboards

  • Pipe lagging (watch out plumbers)

  • and many more.

The kicker is that, according to official Marvel lore, Asbestos lady eventually succumbed to cancer caused by her ill-choice of carcinogenic clothing. Sounds like a riot, until you think of how true this is for many families around Christchurch. Health and Safety is paramount, for you and your family.

How can we help?

We’ve dealt with hundreds of buildings with Asbestos in it and have come up with some pretty nifty strategies for managing the associated risks (none of which involve spandex). If you’d like to manage asbestos better then get in touch today.


Can we help with this?

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