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Achieving Sitewise Green and Sitewise Gold - Let’s Break It Down

So you’ve just been asked by a client to get accredited with Sitewise. You create an account, pay the fee, login…… and are overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

How do you eat an elephant and in this case a Sitewise Green or Sitewise Gold accreditation elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time.

Our blog and upcoming blogs will help breakdown all the pieces of the puzzle to help you achieve a successful accreditation.

Below are the criteria you’ll be assessed on so you have an overview of what you need to demonstrate

  • Adequate insurances in place for your business

  • Health and safety policies and procedures

  • Health and safety meetings/briefings

  • Incident and accident investigations and records

  • Management of subcontractors

  • Training and qualification registers

  • Hazard management

  • Worksite inspections, especially if they’ve been done by an independent company like Nailed it Safety Solutions

  • Risk assessments like SWMS, Task Analysis, or JSAs

  • Safety Data Sheets for chemicals that you use

  • Details of Any WorkSafe investigations over the previous 5 years, if this applies to you.


We’ll help you understand the requirements more and break each section down for you. Let’s start with incident and accident investigations and registers

Incident and Accident Investigations and Registers

When any incident happens; whether it’s a seemingly “easy to do” near miss or a serious harm accident, there needs to be a thorough investigation and this information needs to be noted on your incident and accident register.

You’re wanting to uncover what was the primary cause or causes so you can work on controls for the future.

Near misses really are your opportunity to stop potential serious harm accidents. We’ve all heard the saying “well in hindsight we would have done differently or better” - well near misses really are your hindsight moments; no matter how insignificant you think they are.

  • Ask the who, what, how questions. Dig deeper and ask; tell me more ….

  • Stop talking and start listening

  • Create a positive and engaging environment that is non judgmental and open for feedback


Because you want to stop a serious harm accident from happening and one of the ways you can do that is with a full investigation around near misses.

Serious harm accidents will require you to contact WorkSafe where you will have a full investigation done from their officers too but let’s do all we can so you don’t have to go down that route.

Incident and Injury Register Reports

Incident and accident investigation reports need as much detail as you can possibly collect. This information is vital towards best practice health and safety management.

You need to record all the clear details from your investigation including dates, witnesses, what happened and where etc so you can prevent any recurrences. This forms part of your incident and accident register which you need to show when you are being assessed for a Sitewise accreditation.

We encourage these reports to be shared across your worksite because they are key communication tools showing what went wrong, what should have happened and most importantly what needs to happen to stop this from taking place again in the future or something worse.

These can be shared in your Toolbox Talks as part of your agenda as it’s a great opportunity once again to engage with your team to show a collaborative approach to health and safety management. It is not the time to blame and shame; it’s the time to encourage input and solutions you might not have thought of yourself.

There are key learnings to come from incident and investigation reports and Sitewise accreditation assessors are looking at how proactive you are around health and safety management as part of their assessment around your worksite.


At Nailed It Safety Solutions we have the expertise to assist you with your Sitewise accreditation. Put simply; it’s what we do. We’re passionate professionals who have helped more than 100 construction businesses around New Zealand gain a successful accreditation. Let us help you get yours.


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