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Site Inspection Checklist and Why It’s Important For SiteWise Green and Sitewise Gold

Like most health and safety and site operating forms; your site inspection checklist is a “living document”. When you’re ready for your Sitewise inspection you need to ensure you’re site inspection records and documents are up to scratch and demonstrate you take health and safety on your site seriously.

Your site requires constant inspection and is a vital component of your hazard management plan. How many “real hazards” do you have on site at any one time? What major categories do these hazards fall under?

Take a look and see:

  • People

  • Machinery and plant

  • Vehicles

  • Building and storage access

What falls under the people category?

If you’re the main contractor, not only are you responsible for subbies and your team’s health and safety on site; you’re also responsible for visitors and suppliers coming on site.

For a successful Sitewise accreditation you’ll need to clearly demonstrate how you manage the hazards that fall under people.

Consider the following and talk to our professional consultants for further advice:

  • What sort of safety signage do you have for anyone coming on site? Are your entry and exit signs clearly identified for anyone coming on site including visitors and suppliers?

  • Have you stored gear, equipment and supplies safely on site to ensure your safety signage isn’t blocked from vision? Safety signage needs to be seen to be heard!

  • Have you sent out to all of your contractors your health and safety policies and have you received them back saying they have been read, understood and agreed to?

  • Have you made it loud and clear what PPE must be worn on site? Hi vis is a must have on most work sites these days as are hard hats, safety boots, safety glasses etc. Don’t assume everyone knows because if you don’t tell them (and you can’t prove you’ve told them) you’re in the firing line if something goes wrong


Keep an eye out every time you are doing your inspection for the “what could go wrong part” and to ensure everyone is following the rules. Set an example and make sure you’re wearing the proper gear and “walking the talk”

Top tip: As part of your team engagement process why not introduce Hazard Hunts?

Hazard hunts are a super easy tool where you ask a team member or a couple of team members to walk around your site noting down what’s good and what’s not. Turn the what’s not into part of your updated Hazard Register review process and praise everyone for the good stuff which goes a long way towards great health and safety buy in!

Machinery and Plant - What you need to check on your walk around

Taking note of all your machinery and plant on your hazard register as part of your SSSP allows you to consistently review this particular hazard. Part of your site inspection around plant and machinery includes;

  • Is the gear being stored away safely and correctly at the end of the working day?

  • Is the gear not blocking any access ways or being stored in any areas it shouldn’t?

  • Are the correct guards and/or lock out systems in place when gear shouldn’t be used?

Your plant and machinery also needs to be maintained so it is operating safely as well as consistent monitoring to ensure faults won’t cause any unnecessary incidents or accidents.

Keep all your records in a safe, tidy place so it’s nice and easy to produce when your Sitewise assessment is taking place.


If you’re looking for professional consultants to help you get your head around what you need to qualify for Sitewise Green or Sitewise Gold accreditation contact us at Nailed It Safety Solutions. We’re proud to have helped over 100 constructions businesses gain their Sitewise accreditation around New Zealand and we’d love to help you achieve yours.


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